Moving Orphaned packages to the QA team

The Debian Janitor moves packages that have been orphaned to the QA team. Packages that are listed as orphaned on WNPP are processed.

For a list of recently pushed or merged changes, see Merged and Pushed Changes. For a current list of open requests, see merge-proposals. For a list of generated changes that ready to be proposed or pushed, see ready. For a list of packages that are candidates for fixes, see candidates.

At the moment, the Janitor's merge proposal are still triggered by a human (after manual review).


How are repositories located?

The bot uses the Vcs-Git and Vcs-Bzr fields in source packages in unstable to locate repositories.

What repositories are supported?

Repositories on the following hosting platforms are supported:

Work is under way to also support Mercurial. Subversion support may also be an option, though I have yet to work out what the equivalent of pull requests in Subversion would be.

The bot is proposing an incorrect change. Where do I report this?

For issues with a fix that the bot has proposed, please just follow up on the merge proposal.

What do I do with out-of-date merge proposals?

The Janitor will automatically reschedule processing of packages with a conflicted merge proposal. Once a conflict appears, it may take a couple of hours before the merge proposal is updated.

It will also regularly rebase merge proposals on the packaging branch. It can take several days before this happens, since there is no mechanism to notify the janitor of new commits. You can manually trigger a rerun from the package-specific page linked from the merge proposal.