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La brise
Rime schema repository (Deprecated)

**NOTICE:** please check out [/plum/](, the new Rime configuration manager and input schema repository

Downstream packagers of this software, please refer to
and decide whether you want to deprecate the `brise` or `rime-data` package.

Project home


Individual packages in this collection can be released under different licenses.
Please refer to their respective LICENSE files.


The Makefile builds and installs Rime data as a binary package on Unix systems.

Please check out submodule `plum` before building, as the `Makefile` simply pass through make targets to `plum/Makefile`.

Build dependencies

- git
- librime>=1.3 (for `rime_deployer`)
- plum (submodule)

Run-time dependencies

  - librime>=1.3
  - opencc>=1.0.2

Build and install

The default make target uses `git` command line to download the latest packages
from GitHub.

sudo make install

You can optionally build YAML files to binaries by setting the shell variable
`build_bin`. To build preset packages, do

build_bin=1 make preset

We are grateful to the makers of the following open source projects:

  - [Android Pinyin IME]( (Apache 2.0)
  - [Chewing / 新酷音]( (LGPL)
  - [ibus-table]( (LGPL)
  - [OpenCC / 開放中文轉換]( (Apache 2.0)
  - [moedict / 萌典]( (CC0 1.0)
  - [Rime 翰林院 / Rime Academy]( (GPLv3)

Also to the inventors of the following input methods:

  - Cangjie / 倉頡輸入法 by 朱邦復
  - Array input method / 行列輸入法 by 廖明德
  - Wubi / 五筆字型 by 王永民
  - Scj / 快速倉頡 by 麥志洪
  - Middle Chinese Romanization / 中古漢語拼音 by 古韻

The repository is a result of collective effort. It was set up by the following
people by contributing files, patches and pull-requests. See also the
[contributors]( page for a
list of open-source collaborators.

  - [佛振](
  - [Kunki Chou](
  - [雪齋](
  - [Patrick Tschang](
  - [Joseph J.C. Tang](
  - [lxk](
  - [Ye Zhou](
  - Jiehong Ma
  - StarSasumi
  - 古韻
  - 寒寒豆
  - 四季的風
  - 上海閒話abc
  - 吳語越音