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fcitx-table-extra for Debian

  There are several data files in this source package, the license of
  them might be something confusing many people. These data files were
  having their patents, but they were either released by the original
  author (and the patent holder) into Public Domain (Cangjie), or the
  patents had expired for several years. We are providing clean-room
  re-generated data files using their ideas (which is not copyrightable,
  and obviously not infringing expired patents).

  * Boshiamy: 122588, expected to be expired in 2003, but actually
    expired in 1992 because of not paying patent fees for more than
    six months.
    - Ref (Chinese):
  * Cangjie*: 027984, expired in 1989, released to public domain by
    original author in 1982.
    - Ref (Chinese):
  * Zhengma: CN1043210 (89108851.2), expired in 2009.
    - Ref (Chinese):
  Clean room implementation of common tables:
  Reference (BIG-5 encoded Chinese and English text):
    (outdated in expiration info)

  The binary packages are not arch-all because there is endianness
  issue with these data files.

 -- Aron Xu <>  Tue, 07 Feb 2012 11:52:53 +0800