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libgeotiff 1.7.0

* Add CoordinateEpochGeoKey = 5120 of type DOUBLE to store coordinate epoch of
  tie points / geotransform matrix for dynamic CRS.
* geo_normalize.h/c: rename variables to please codespell
* GTIFGetGCSInfoEx(): use proj_crs_get_datum_forced() for PROJ >= 8 to avoid
  issues with datum ensembles (fixes #54)
* GTIFGetGCSInfoEx(): remove dead code (GDAL Coverity CID 1432690)
* geo_normalize.c: follow-up to e06625c4e5bcce9f9217d1d5a43dc6af73156283 to avoid
  look up of user-defined GeogGeodeticDatumGeoKey that cause PROJ warnings (fixes #41)

libgeotiff 1.6.0

New features:
* Add support for OGC GeoTIFF 1.1
* Expose GTIFGetPCSInfoEx(), GTIFGetProjTRFInfoEx(), GTIFGetGCSInfoEx(), GTIFGetDatumInfoEx(), GTIFGetEllipsoidInfoEx(), GTIFGetPMInfoEx(), GTIFGetUOMLengthInfoEx() and GTIFGetUOMAngleInfoEx() so that users can specify their own PROJ context
* Add GTIFKeyGetASCII(), GTIFKeyGetSHORT() and GTIFKeyGetDOUBLE() as safer variants of GTIFKeyGet() with type checking
* autotools build: enable build in a separate tree from source (#37) (fixes #28)
* Use pkg-config for libtiff detection

Bug fixes:
* GTIFDecToDMS(): fix rounding issue (refs #16)
* geo_names.c: Silence warning in GetNameFromDatabase
* cpl_serv.h: add parenthesis in macro definitions
* Fix spelling errors
* geo_normalize.c: set UOMLength from GeogLinearUnits (for geocentic CRS) (GDAL #1595)
* testlistgeo: remove hardcoded path in test output (fixes
* Adapt test script for PROJ 6.2 EPSG database (fixes #22)
* Use unix EOL for cmake related files (fixes #14)
* drop dead code
* geo_normalize.c: avoid look up of user-defined geokeys that cause PROJ warnings (fixes GDAL #2321)
* listgeo: fix corner coordinates for images with RasterPixelIsPoint (#36)

libgeotiff 1.5.1

* re-add #define SetCSVFilenameHook gtSetCSVFilenameHook for compatibility with GDAL 2.4.x

libgeotiff 1.5.0

* Require PROJ >= 6 dependency
* Remove all CSV files used by geo_normalize API, since libgeotiff now relies
  on PROJ database for EPSG CRS definitions.
* geo_normalize.c: SetGTParmIds(): use ProjStraightVertPoleLongGeoKey for CT_PolarStereographic
* geo_normalize.c: report StdParallel1 for Mercator_2SP when a PCS code is used
* geo_normalize.c: fix support for Laborde Oblique Mercator
* listgeo: use PROJ database to display non-hardcoded values of a number of keys