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	libgeotiff Binary Distribution for Unix

This tree contains a binary distribution of libgeotiff, and related
utilities (listgeo, and geotifcp) for a Unix platform (as indicated in 
the distribution filename).  

The distribution should consist of:

README: this file
bin/listgeo: utility program
bin/geotifcp: utility program
lib/libgeotiff.a: static library for libgeotiff, applications also have
                  to link against libtiff.
lib/libgeotiff-$ Shared library version of the above.
lib/ link to the specific shared library.
include: The include files for libgeotiff.

This distribution is intended to be suitable to untar directly under
/usr/local or /usr to give a rough equivelent to having done a "make install" 
from the libgeotiff source, though this README should be removed.

User documentation for listgeo and geotifcp can be found at:

General information on libgeotiff, and GeoTIFF can be found at: