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.\" Copyright (C) Zachary Thayer Smith 2001
.\" This file may be copied under the conditions described
.\" in the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991
.\" that should have been distributed together with this file.
.TH UNRTF "GNU UnRTF 0.19.2"
UnRTF \- converts document in RTF format to other formats
.BI "unrtf [" options "] [" file... ]
.BI [\-\-nopict]
.BI [\-\-html]
.BI [\-\-text]
.BI [\-\-vt]
.BI [\-\-latex]
.BI [\-\-ps]
.BI [\-\-wpml]
.BI [\-\-help]
.BI [\-\-version]
The program
.B unrtf
is a converter from Rich Text Format (RTF) to a growing number
of document formats. At present it supports
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), plain text, text with VT100 codes,
LaTeX, and PostScript.
All output formats except HTML are "alpha" i.e. limited and development
has just begun.
However with HTML, the program supports tables, fonts, embedded images,
hyperlinks, and paragraph alignment. Font support includes
face and size changes, as well as 
typical attributes such as italic, bold, 
underlining, strikethrough, smallcaps, allcaps, expand, compress
and both foreground and background colors.
Images are always stored to separate files in the current
directory, or they can be ignored.
disables the automatic storing of embedded pictures to
the current directory.
selects HTML output (default).
selects plain ASCII text output.
selects text output with VT100 escape codes.
selects output of a LaTeX document.
selects PostScript output.
selects WPML output.
prints the program version.
Report bugs in the program to