Package Suite Start Time Duration Description
diaspora lintian-fixes 2021-04-07T08:41 8m12s Broken apt packages: Depends: ruby-faraday-cookie-jar (>= 0.0.6~) but it is not going to be installed
djangorestframework lintian-fixes 2021-04-26T11:23 4m22s Broken apt packages: python-djangorestframework-doc : Depends: fonts-font-awesome (>= 5.0.10+really4.7.0~dfsg-4.1) but 5.0.10+really4.7.0~dfsg-4 is to be installed
eyed3 unchanged 2021-04-07T14:45 2m35s Broken apt packages: Depends: python-pathlib but it is not installable
gap-io unchanged 2021-04-06T05:33 2m50s Broken apt packages: gap-core : Breaks: gap-io (< 4.7.0+ds-2) but 4.7.0+ds-1~jan+unchanged2 is to be installed
gap-openmath unchanged 2021-04-06T05:22 2m9s Broken apt packages: gap-core : Breaks: gap-openmath (< 11.5.0+ds-1) but 11.4.2+ds-5~jan+unchanged2 is to be installed
iraf-fitsutil unchanged 2021-05-13T11:20 55m4s Broken apt packages: libc6 : Breaks: iraf-fitsutil (< 2018.07.06-4) but 2018.07.06-4~jan+unchanged1 is to be installed
libdist-inkt-perl unchanged 2021-04-06T02:28 1m18s Broken apt packages: perl : Breaks: libdist-inkt-perl (< 0.024-5) but 0.024-5~jan+unchanged1 is to be installed
sabnzbdplus lintian-fixes 2021-04-07T11:03 9m5s Broken apt packages: rar but it is not installable
tryton-modules-sale-supply-drop-shipment fresh-releases 2021-04-06T13:25 2m29s Broken apt packages: Depends: tryton-server (>= 5.8) but 5.0.33-2 is to be installed